Our team at Dash Automation believe it is important to make clear our intentions, thoughts, and plans upon-which we offer our services & solutions.  We want to help answer some questions you may have about the implications that may occur due to the use of our services and what may happen in the case of various events that may occur.  We are providing these promises to you here and now as a guarantee.

  • What will happen if you were to go out of business?

If Dash were to, at any point, go out of business or stop the business of actively selling or maintaining the modules we have created the licensing system will be terminated.  On top of providing fair warning of this situation to the best of our ability, our fail-safe mechanisms will go into effect which will render all Dash Apps free of charge and able to be installed on any systems without the need to license them.  However, any features which explicitly were to use Dash’s Servers to add new functionality will no longer function.  We try to build secondary options for any of these situations, but this mainly means things like “Cloud Logging” will no longer function.

  • What if you get bought out and they want you to shut down all services?

This will not happen.  This is something we hope to provide to you as apart of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) soon.  We will, under no circumstances, allow any kind of buy out to cause your installed systems to no longer function.  If Dash is ever in a position that it can no longer provide solutions or updates / support to the products we provide, those solutions will be rendered free of charge and the license requirements to use such will be depreciated immediately.

It’s also important to note that Dash has already implemented certain measures to make good on these promises should they ever need to be fulfilled!