Just Add Power 2G+ Transmitter

2G+ Transmitter (POE)

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Just Add Power’s 2G+ Transmitter provides an additional source to your system.  This model can be powered over ethernet (PoE-Powered) and supports all of the features from the 2G+ Product Lines including CEC Over IP, USB Over IP,  RS-232 Over IP, HDMI Stereo Audio Extraction, Image Pull, and much more.

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Product Description

Just Add Power’s innovative approach to video distribution provides a wealth of powerful new features that quickly become a powerful ally as you specify & integrate their solutions in almost any variety of configuration.  This Auto Configure Driver, utilizing the power of URC’s SDK, will automatically program & adjust itself for up to a 32×32 Cisco SG-300 system in any configuration!

Dash OS Native

Just Add Power is the Dash OS platform of choice for Video Distribution.  Our teams work closely to insure the deepest level of Integration & Support possible.  Many Dash Apps are provided to support the many features Just Add Power provides.  Get Just Add Power running on your URC Total Control & ccGEN2 Systems in no time!

All of our Just Add Power Dash Apps are free of charge whether you purchase from us or not.

Integrates with Home Automation & Control

Dash OS isn’t the only Home Automation & Control System that can control & integrate with Just Add Power.  Many control drivers exist for popular manufacturers such as AMX, Control4, Crestron, RTI, Elan, and Savant.

Right-Size Matrix

With Just Add Power you can configure any combination of Transmitters (Inputs) & Receivers (Outputs) for up to a 4,000 x 65,000 system video matrix distribution solution.

Powered Over Ethernet (PoE-Powered)

This unit can be Powered over Ethernet to provide a cleaner & simpler installation.

Instant Video Switching

No need to wait for HDCP Handshakes with Just Add Power.  Instant Switching of Video Sources!

Shared Single CAT / Gigabit LAN

Supports the ability to share the Ethernet Cable with other devices if needed.

Image Pull

Capture the image right from the HDMI Cable.

HDMI Passthrough Port

A convenient HDMI Passthrough Port is provided on this model.


Distribute USB 2.0 over the Just Add Power Network.

HDMI Stereo Audio Extraction

Stereo Audio Extraction with Adjustable Lip Sync allows you to easily capture stereo audio from your HDMI Sources such.  Convenient when analog audio is not provided to stream into your systems.

RS-232 Over IP

This unit features many powerful RS-232 capabilities that can be integrated with your system(s).  You can use this device as a RS-232 Extender (Dumb Redirect Mode) or a full-on two-way serial port to communicate with your devices anywhere on the project with ease.


CEC Control has been a hassle or pain for Custom Integrators in the past.  This unit can change all that!  With CEC Over IP you gain IP Control of how the Just Add Power unit(s) will send out their CEC Commands to your connected devices.  Easily add commands such as Discrete Power, Inputing Switching, and much more (some displays support more commands than others).

Dash OS features CEC Control Dash Apps that allow you to control your displays directly using CEC (*TV Volume is not always supported)

Video Wall

Configure this model to provide Video Wall Support.

Locking HDMI Support



Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 3 in