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  • Hue by Dash

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    “There is more to lighting than illumination. Therefore we created Philips Hue, your personal wireless lighting system. A simple product built around you, designed for real life and all its potential. Life is what you make of it. So go on. Play around. Explore. Feel the control but let go every once in a while. Turn on your life with light.” -Philips Hue Website

    Sounds cool, right?

    How cool would it be if you could automate it from your URC Total Control system?

    Dash makes it possible…

  • Kodi Media Center

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  • Lutron By Dash

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    Dash OS’s Lutron App provides a wealth of features above the standard URC Lutron Module.  Not meant to replace, but rather to enhance the offering from URC, this app is a welcome addition to any Lutron System you may integrate.

  • Weather and Astronomy Tools

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    This is a simple integration module that offers the programmer more data to work with when programming for automation. Current weather conditions including; temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind speed,  and cloud cover become useable variables to program with. Also included is astronomical data including sunrise and sunset time. A couple preconfigured options have been included also, “Is it Daytime” and “Is it Dark Outside?”.